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Ordnance Engineering Ltd is a manufacturer of Automated Ultrasonic Inspection Systems

The company is an active business established in Chippenham, England in 2005 by a group of N.D.T engineers who had been manufacturing automated U/T systems for over fifty years.

Formerly as Ultrasonascope and then Meccasonics (which was formed in 1971).

The company design, manufacture, install, commission and support inspection systems – worldwide, and take responsibility for all areas of a system:

Mechanical, electronic, ultrasonic, transducer manufacture and software development.

The Team

Fred White – Managing Director

50 years experience in mechanical and transducer design and manufacture. Formerly engineering director of Meccasonics and Ultrasonascope.

Stuart White – Engineering Manager

20 years experience in mechanical design, assembly and transducer manufacture. Formerly mechanical engineer / transducer production for Meccasonics.

Nick Ogilvie: Senior Technical Engineer (BEng Electronics)

24 years experience in automated robotic systems, 15 years experience in designing, commissioning and servicing ndt systems and software interface. Formerly senior technical engineer for Midas NDT.

Geoff Bloor – Senior Consultant

28 years experience in electrical / electronic systems and U/T design and manufacture.Formerly electronics & U/T Director of Midas NDT and Meccasonics.

Iain Clarke – Senior Software Engineer

20 years experience in software design and real time software interface. Formerly software Director of Midas NDT and chief software engineer for Meccasonics.

Paul Gleaves – Director

30 years experience in transducer design and manufacture.
Formerly Lead Engineer of transducer department for Midas NDT and Meccasonics.

All company staff have had a large input into Meccasonics
& Midas systems, from the very first systems to the present.

The company can offer full backup and support and the
manufacture of new and current U/T systems.